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Short Overview of the Political Situation.

December 2017.



So far, Donald Trump is the Greatest President America has

ever had!! 


Trump is BRILLIANT!!

Trump is CREATIVE!!

Trump is GOOD and DECENT!!

Trump is WONDERFUL!!

Trump is FUNNY - and sometimes that's misinterpreted as


Sometimes his Joking attitude should be dismissed as Humor,

sometimes he's completely Serious, and sometimes he's

Half Serious. It all depends on the Subject and the Statement.

(Some Democrats tend to have a Diminished Sense of Humor

and don't always realize that Trump is sometimes Just Joking.

Or Joking AND being Serious.)   

He's one of the Smartest People in this Country!!


He's also one of the greatest PATRIOTS in this Country!!

His Agenda is being Blocked and Thwarted and Diluted

on a Daily basis by Traitorous Demosnots - including

Traitorous Leftist Judges, and RINOS in Congress -

Democrats who claim to be Republicans.

Talk about a SWAMP!!!!!

Those Anti-Trump people are STUPID NASTY LUNATICS!!

IMMATURE GOONS, unfit to wash the Feet of the President!! 


Remember:  Some of the so-called "Republicans" in Congress

are NOT Republicans!!  They're DEMOCRATS!!

They're called RINO's.

"Republicans In Name Only". 



Someone told me that Trump is a constant, deliberate Liar!!

Huh???  Ridiculous.

As usual, no examples or evidence were provided.

Just another Accusation thrown out - possibly to satisfy their

Carping, Tiny, Jealous, Little Personalities.  

That's because Trump Bashers are Retarded, Ignorant, Nasty,

Crazy, Gullible, Infantile, etc.

I have NEVER seen ONE OUNCE of Evidence of the Accusations

made against him - Accusations of Criminal Behavior, Lying,

Immoral Behavior, Cheating, etc.

No Evidence Provided = WORTHLESS JUNK!!!




Someone told me that Trump has declared Bankruptcy numerous

times.  Evidently, that's True - SORT OF. 

He owns, and has owned, MANY Companies.

I don't recall how many.

SOME of them FAILED!!

He declared Bankruptcy FOR THE FAILED COMPANY - not

Personal Bankruptcy.

So yes, he has apparently declared Bankruptcy numerous times,

Legally, using advice from his Lawyers, using the Laws enacted

by Congress, and Rules made by the IRS, for some Failed Companies

he owned.

What a horrible man!!!  Obeying the Law!!!

Following the Laws enacted by Democrats and Republicans!!

He should have been an Ordinary Democrat Criminal getting

MILLIONS in Payoffs - like KILLARY - instead of a Bankruptcy

Filer - LOSING MONEY on his Investments!!

He should be burned at the Stake for Obeying the Law, taking

his Lawyer's advice, Losing Money, instead of MAKING those

Companies turn a Profit!!!! 

And he could have AFFORDED to do it with all the Billions of

Dollars he's made with Profitable Companies!!!

How many Bums and Losers have declared Bankruptcy??


How many Successful People have declared Bankruptcy??


That no good Rich, Successful JERK!!! 

Using the Law to HELP himself!!

The Law is supposed to HURT US!!!  TO MAKE US POOR!!

And it usually DOES!!!!

Good old Loophole Larry - Dynasty Donald - Tireless Trump!!


I HATE successful people!!  Just like you do!!!!

Someday, if I work harder, I'll be DIRT POOR!!

Hey wait a Minute:  I AM Dirt Poor!!

Never Mind..............!!    



Someone implied that Trump wanted to be President for the

Power or the Money or the Prestige - or all the above.

IE, the Big Promotion to President with all its Perks. 

Huh???  Ridiculous.

Trump already had plenty of Power, Money, and Prestige.

He was already Wealthy and Powerful.


What additional Prestige???

The Mainstream News Media bashes him DAILY!!!

Sometimes even HOURLY!!!


Sometimes CONSTANTLY - All Day Long!!

Where's the Prestige in that???

He DID get the satisfaction of Winning the Election!!

But that would last probably just a few Days or Weeks....

(And for the Inauguration, many of his Enemies had Seats

near the Speaker's Podium!!)   

After that comes 4 YEARS of Hard Work!!! 


But suppose he DID want the imaginary Prestige??

So what???

Is there something WRONG with that??

Oh wait: It was a Democrat who was Bashing Trump,

saying he wanted the Power, Money, and Prestige of

the Presidency, as if it was a CRIME and a MORTAL SIN

to want "Big Things" like that!!


Never Mind...............!!


(Note:  Some people in this World "Think Big", and want

to build Skyscrapers, Create Big Companies, be the CEO

or President of a Large Company, etc.

We're lucky they exist!!  They create Jobs, Products,

Services, Innovations, TAX PAYMENTS to the Governments,

usually contribute large sums of money to CHARITIES,

etc, etc. 

There are also some Companies run by CRIMINALS.

The Criminals should be Arrested and Locked up!!

The head of AMAZON, for example.  He's SLIME!!

And the US Federal Government PAYS Amazon for every

Package they mail!!  $1.48 per Book or other Product.

And they hire ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

And they work them half to DEATH!!  



Your Tax Dollars at Work!!


Trump is not like that AT ALL!!

Democrats:  If you want to Bitch about an EVIL man

(besides George Soros and others), put the Spotlight

on AMAZON!!)  



Being the President is a HUGE SACRIFICE for Donald


*  He didn't need the Long Days of work.

    He works about 16-20 Hours per Day. 

    He could have worked a Light Schedule, managing

    his properties, or RETIRED, and let others do all the


    Trump became President at age 70 (approx). 

    John F Kennedy was 43.    


*  He didn't need an Intense Campaign with the hassle of

    traveling from City to City for about a Year, and the

    Televised Debates, and the Convention, and the separation

    from his Family when he was on the Road, etc, etc. 


*  He didn't need the CONSTANT CRITICISM from the

    Mainstream Media, from Talk Shows, from "Comedy"

    shows, from "Protestors", from Politicians, etc.


*  He didn't need the Constant LIES from the Mainstream

    Media.  And the INSULTS, the SMEARS, the SMARMY

    DIGS, the INNUENDO, etc.

    All the Garbage from the Smarmy Little People. 


*  He didn't need the FAKE NEWS from CNN, MSNBC,

    the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. 

    And the MISSING NEWS from these Swampy Companies.

    They DON'T REPORT many of the Stories involving Trump!!

    MISSING NEWS might be an even Greater Crime than

    publishing FAKE NEWS!! 


*  He didn't need the Money (he's VERY Wealthy).

    Note:  He donates his Entire Salary back to the Government.

    Cost to the Government for Salary:  ZERO.

    Trump is working for FREE.  No Salary.

    Other Perks (Meals, Plane, etc):  Yes. Of course.    


*  He didn't need the house - The White House.

   Trump Tower - his home in New York - is LAVISH!!

   Probably NICER than the White House.

   Moving into the White House was a STEP DOWN for

   Trump, and he delayed it for several weeks. 

   Melania Trump (Wife) said that the Children's Bedrooms

   STANK!!!!  She refused to move into the White House

   until the Kids' Bedrooms were cleaned, and to be with

   Barron Trump, their son (Age: About 12) , to help him

   make the transition.

   Her Priority (rightfully so) is taking care of Barron who

   was injured by a Vaccination.  


*  He didn't need the Prestige of the Office.

    He doesn't care what people think of him.

    He's his own Man.  


*  He didn't need the Power of the Office.

   He had plenty of Power as the Owner and Manager of his

   many Hotels and Golf Courses.   

   He's far more interested in making money and enjoying

   Life than wielding "Power".


*  He didn't need the Airplane - Air Force One.

   He already owns 3 Airplanes (as I recall) - 2 of them Jets,

   and 1 of them is a Large Boeing 757 - a Jumbo Jet.

   His 757 is about the same size as Air Force One (a 747).     


Donald Trump ran for President because he's a PATRIOT!!

And was willing to make the SACRIFICES necessary to

Campaign, and to do the Job of President, working LONG

HOURS - sometimes until 2:00 AM - instead of spending

his time Relaxing or Playing Golf all the time.


What this Campaign and Presidency has shown is what

SCUMBAGS many Democrats - and some Republicans -

really are!!!!!!

I had no idea!!!!!!


Attacking a Good, Decent, Hard Working, Sacrificing,

Brilliant, Creative, Honest, Moral, OLD Man, who's just

trying to Make America Great Again, get rid of all the

horrible CORRUPTION - including Child Trafficking by

Americans and Foreigners, Treasonous Corruption, and

Theft and Murder and Election Rigging and Non-Prosecution

and Investigation of Crimes by the FBI and Department

of Justice, inventing "Crimes" against him, hiring THUGS

to Beat Up people at Trump Rallies, hiring THUGS to

Beat Up people at the Inauguration, pounding his

Character into the Ground because he had some fun with

some Wealthy Women and Hollywood Types - not the

slightest bit Immoral, marks people who do it as Stupid,

Nasty, Smarmy, Slimy, Corrupt, Rotten Little Insects

with no Integrity.


And that makes them HYPOCRITES as well.

Incorrectly and VICIOUSLY attacking Trump for some

kind of perceived "Immorality" (GAG ME!!!!) by invading

his Privacy with a Directional Microphone, then committing

CRIMES and telling LIES based on some innocent Locker

Room Talk with the Guys, claiming the "MORAL HIGH

GROUND" when they're a bunch of Low-Life BASTARDS


Pretty Pathetic.


I've seen Videos of some of these "Morally Outraged"

CREEPS, and their Personalities and Appearance are

enough to make one Vomit!!!!

You couldn't Pay me enough to work with them, interview

them, or get within 1,000 Feet of them!!

These Anti-Trump "Holier Than Thou" Low-Life Scumbags

are so REVOLTING, that every moment near one of them

would be like a DAY IN HELL.

They're the stuff one scrapes off one's Shoe. 


What have THEY done for the Country??

What have THEY accomplished for the Country??

What have THEY Sacrificed for the Country??

How much time have THEY thought about the Problems

and Solutions for the Country??

What have THEY done to Drain the Swamp??   

What have THEY done to Make America Great??

Voted for Killary???

My point exactly!!


Maybe they can't stand the BRIGHT LIGHT of Trump's

Goodness, scurrying like COCKROACHES to hide in

the Dark, and Bitching about that Light bulb!!


How about a Quote from one of Killary's "RATF****RS" -

a guy who hired THUGS to Yell and Beat Up Trump Fans

and Inquisitive People, attending a Rally to find out who

this Trump Fellow was:

He said, on Videotape:

"We've got to Win this MOTHERF****R!!!".

What a Team, eh??  What a Team of Killary "RATF****RS"!!

And that Queen of Krap was almost our President!!!

What a Close Call!!


(Fortunately, in one case, the Men in the crowd beat the

Crap out of the HIRED THUG when he started yelling

Obscenities in their faces or hitting them.  Or both.

I don't recall which it was.

The Piece of Garbage was left Bleeding and Moaning

on the Ground.  You Reap what you Sow.)


(The Nixon people used to play Dirty Tricks on Candidates

and others, but nothing as bad as Hiring Thugs!!

Politics is just a Pit of SLIME!!)   





George Soros, the Billionaire NAZI Collaborator,

MURDERER, THIEF, WRECKER of Economies and Lives,

is one of the most EVIL men on the Planet,

trying to Cripple the USA,

trying to Cripple American's Health,

trying to make the USA dependent on him and his

EVIL Gang Members, 

funds the Violent Antifa,  

funds the Violent muslums, 

funds the Violent Black Scum Matters, 

funds various other Anti-American Groups,  

helped to fund Killary's 2016 run for President,

and needs to be Arrested and Executed.

His son also needs to be Arrested and Executed.

His Top Employees also need to be Arrested and Executed.   





Psychopath and Sociopath Krooked Killary was either

prodded into running for Prez by the Bad Guys or

endorsed and assisted by the Bad Guys (Globalists,

Communists, New World Order Scum,

George Soros, Government Criminals, etc) after she decided

to Run for Dictator,

because they knew that they could CONTROL her, and

that she would PROTECT them from Investigations into

Illegal Activities - Activities which are LEGION and



She had DIRT on THEM, but they had DIRT on HER!!

She would PROTECT them, and they would PROTECT



Killary has a track record of MURDER, CORRUPTION,






As the First Bitch, under Bill Klinton, she ordered the

Secret Service to remain Out of Sight at the White House

so she wouldn't have to SEE them, unless they were

actually Guarding her on some trip!!

Inside the White House:  BANISHED!! 

This was reported by Ex-Secret Service Personnel.  


A number of people who have known Killary have said:

"There is something Seriously Wrong with her Mental

State.", and they've said it for Years. 

They've said it for DECADES!!    


She's also Physically Ill with MANY Maladies of

"God Knows What" problems, including Parkinson's

Disease, Lung Problems, Holes in her Tongue, Walking

Problems, etc.  


She is "One of Them" - part of the Gang, and would

definitely protect her fellow Gangsters, as well as herself,

if she were wheeled into the Oval Office.

And the Criminality would continue unabated. 


People who voted for Killary didn't have a CLUE who they

were voting for.

Those Voters were CLUELESS and apparently hadn't done

ANY Research!!


All they needed to do was to look at Killary's Record as an

Attorney at the Rose Law Firm!!   HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who did she Defend??    (The Rapist).

Who did she Attack??     (The 12-year-old Girl Victim - bruised and battered).

And the Klinton Record in Arkansas when Bill was Governor.

Or when Bill was President.

Or when Killary was "Secretary of State" (Gag me!!). 


Who did what???

Who did the Screaming??

Who THREW things, like expensive Lamps and Vases??

Who STOLE a lot of Furniture??   TWICE??

Who was Vince Foster??

Was Vince Foster Left Handed or Right Handed??

How did Vince Foster shoot himself in the Back of the Head??

How did Vince Foster shoot himself in the Back of the Head

multiple times?? 

Was Vince Foster Happy or Depressed??

What was Vince Foster's relationship with Killary??  

Was Vince Foster's unusual Death Investigated??   

Who was Ron Brown??

Was that Plane Crash properly Investigated??

Was the DEATH of a Patriot Secretary properly Investigated??

Was the Secretary Murdered??  (Yes).

How many BODIES are Piled Up in the Klinton Body Count??

Who did it??  Bill or Killary or Both??

They say it was Killary!! 


Can you IMAGINE????

The Klinton's MURDERED a whole bunch of Good People!!!

It's called "The Klinton Body Count"!!!

And they GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!








In the Presidential Campaign of 2015/2016, Killary was Focused

on HERSELF  ("Stronger Together").

Trump was was Focused on AMERICA ("Make America Great

Again" and  "Drain the Swamp")!! 

Her Slogan wasn't that bad, but Trump's was so much BETTER!!

He was Focused on the GOAL of restoring America's Greatness

and getting rid of the Corruption - not on himself!! 

He was Focused on the JOB!!


They say that Trump is an Egomaniac and a Narcissist.

That's true, to some extent.

So what?? 

ALL Presidents and Important Politicians are Egomaniacs 

and Narcissists to some degree. 

But he knows how to Focus on the GOAL, not on HIMSELF!!

It was KILLARY who focused on Herself!!

It was a "Power For Killary" objective!!

Trump's objective was "Power for America and Americans"!!

And "Rebuild the Crumbling Infrastructure"!!!

(58,000 Bridges are designated as UNSAFE by Bridge

Engineers!!!!!!  That should worry us ALL!!)


What did Killary say about our crumbling Infrastructure??


What did Killary say about Making America Great Again??

She said:  "Was it EVER great???"

What is she Smoking????

What Good could she possibly DO as President??? 

Good grief!!   


Killary:  Me Me Me!!  Her Her Her!!   NO PLANS.

      (No PLANS except to Nuke some Country!!  ANY Country!!)  

Trump:  America America America!!  PLANS.

      (Trump MIGHT have to Nuke North Korea!!

      But NK is a HUGE THREAT due to OBOZO and KILLARY!!

      They SOLD High Tech Missiles and Technology to NK

      and to Red China!!

      And the Missile Man Kim is CRAZY and THREATENING!!

      He threatens the USA with Total Destruction almost every WEEK!!)   



                RISK WW3!!  


               DRAIN THE SWAMP!!    


(Trump might have to Nuke North Korea because of all the Technology

Killary and others sold them - for A-Bombs and Missiles.

Missile-Man/Button-Boy Kim is NUTS!!!!)


Trump and Killary had OPPOSITE Goals!!

Mostly only the Little People voted for Killary.

The Little People who felt Powerless and wanted REVENGE!!!!!

Last time, they elected an AMERICA-HATING  FOREIGN 

HALF NEGRO to destroy America, and now they wanted a


to finish the Job!!  


The people who voted for Trump wanted a Great and Good

America!!  And wanted to FIX it - REPAIR it!!

The people who voted for Trump were the SMART PEOPLE!!



MUCH SMARTER than the Killary Voters!! 


The Trump Haters and Trump-Fan Haters were Garbage like

"Black Scum Matters" who BEAT UP WHITE WOMEN outside

the Entrance to the Inauguration!!

Even kicking them as the Women lay on the ground, according

to one WHITE WOMAN who was Beaten Bloody by "Black Scum


We have the Video Tape of the Lady, moments after she was beaten

by these PRE-HUMANS, with Blood on her Face and Clothes.

How did they escape from the ZOO??


They tried to block Alex Jones from entering, even though Alex had

a Ticket - a VIP Ticket for Seating in the VIP Section (Front Rows).

Alex Decked a few of the Scum in order to get in.

The Black Scum Half-Negro Traitor "President" OBOZO had issued

orders to the Chief of Police in DC to NOT INTERFERE with Violent

"Protestors" at the Inauguration, and allow the SCUM to Attack

Trump Fans and Audience Members outside the Gates, waiting to

get into the Inauguration Event.

This was YOUR "PRESIDENT", Demosnots!!

Issuing orders to permit Violence against Inauguration Audience

members, including the Beating Up of White Women.


Some of the Attendees were Democrat REPORTERS.

I wonder if some of THEM were beaten up by Black Scum Matters

when they tried to Enter the Event??? 

Why has OBOZO not been Arrested and Imprisoned for his CRIMINAL

ACTIONS of January 20th, 2017 ????????????      


(Morality???   Trump is Moral, and the Trump Voters are Moral. 

More Moral than KROOKED KILLARY (and OBOZO) by a Country


The Trump Voters were not "Deplorables", as Krooked Killary

called them!!

It was just the Reverse - as Usual!!)       




SATANIC  EVIL  MONSTER  KILLARY wasn't elected!!   





Better than Killary!!!!! 

Forced out of the running by a "Killary Kult" at the Democratic

National Committee.

Even Democrat Donna Brazile said so!!

She wrote a BOOK saying so!!  

Bernie supporters were NORMAL PEOPLE, Civil, Polite, etc,

unlike the Screaming Fanatics on the Killary side.

But Bernie is Anti-Trump for Unknown reasons AND an Idiot.

I've seen one WEIRD Interview with Bernie in 2017.

What a Limp Idiot!!!  Oh my Gawd!!!!!

That guy is a Half-wit and WAAAY Out to Lunch!!





To the Trash Barrel, Bernie.


But "Poor Bernie" is actually RICH BERNIE!!


And his wife is a WRECKING BALL!!    




The Demosnots had SO LITTLE to offer!!

Almost NOTHING!!










I don't have Putin figured out, but he's a Real Statesman!!

He is one of the FEW Real Statesmen on the World Stage. 

He surprised the people who put him in Power by turning out

to be a Strong, No-Nonsense Man - not a Yes Man, not a Pushover!!

He began by firing Lunkheads in the Russian Government, who

didn't belong there in the first place.

In Government, his decisions have been WISE.


He is probably very WARY of American Lunkheads in the American

Government, so he's being very Cautious.

In that sense, you could say that he's Anti-American.

But he's Justified in having that attitude!!

And Trump is trying to Drain that Swamp!! 

Time will tell.


Note that Putin has graciously allowed Whistleblower Ed Snowden

to remain in Russia - for 5 years.

I don't know what will happen after 5 years.

But it was a Humanitarian act on Putin's part, and Snowden is grateful.

Snowden says that No One has pumped him for "Intel" that he

learned while working for the NSA.

(And Putin is Ex-KGB - Secret Police!!) 


Snowden is free to travel around Moscow - not locked up in a Room,

riding the Subways, visiting Computer Stores, treated with respect

and admiration by Customers in Computer Stores - and elsewhere.

(Most average Russians don't recognize Snowden on sight. It's mostly

in Computer Stores where they recognize him and like to talk to him).


Yes, Edward Snowden is a Hero because he exposed some highly

Illegal activities of the US Government - not the Super Secret,

Top Secret, Military Secret, Politically Secret, Sensitive stuff.

And no SPIES were exposed, which would endanger their Lives!!

And no LOCATIONS were exposed!!

And no SOURCES AND METHODS were exposed!!   


He knows a LOT, but he's NOT spilling the Beans, he's a Patriot,

and he's not GOING to spill the Beans, as he's said many times.

He told the Media and others:  "Forget it!!  I'm not going to reveal

anything except for the massive ILLEGAL spying done by the NSA."


He's not opposed to "National Security Spying".  Of course not!!

He's talking about the spying on EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN -

including Children.

Spying and Wiretapping without justification.

Without a Warrant.

Collecting Massive Profiles and Data on everyone.  


Trump was wrong - and Naive, and Misinformed - when he said

that Snowden should be executed for Treason.

No.  Snowden is the OPPOSITE of a Traitor.

He EXPOSED the Traitor!! 

Q.  Who was the Traitor that Snowden Exposed?? 

A.  The US Government under OBOZO, etc.

(I don't think Snowden exposed OBOZO, but he's a Traitor!!)   


Note that Snowden also worked for the CIA.

He KNOWS what he's talking about.

The CIA is mostly a Gigantic TRAITOR!!  

(Some CIA people have become sickened at what that Organization

has been doing to this Country, and have Quit in Disgust, or become

Whistleblowers after Retiring, and revealed a few things that it's

been doing to HARM America!!

Snowden is probably aware of some of those things since he used

to work there.)  


I think Trump respects Putin, and Putin respects Trump.

Neither one of them is a "Do-Nothing Politician".

They're both Men of Action.  

Trump's desire for better relations with Russia is a GOOD Idea.

It would make the World a SAFER place!!!!

JFK tried to do the same thing!!

(Although JFK's ideas went too far.  JFK was naive.)      

We'll see what happens.      





All Garbage - in multiple ways.

(Stupid, Nasty, Ignorant, Uncivilized, etc.)

Two small Examples of HUNDREDS of Examples: 


**  December 2016.

2 Homos, "Married" to each other, traveling on a Jet Blue Flight,

harassed Ivanka Trump (Trump's Daughter), travelling with her kids,

BEFORE Trump had become President, claiming that her Father was

RUINING THE COUNTRY, and that she should be flying on a PRIVATE

Plane - not on a Jet Blue Flight!!

They were EVICTED by Airline Management, FUMING and


Just more Nasty Lunatics!!  


**  Approx December 2016.

On a different Flight, a Nasty Bitch asked the Passenger next to her

who he had voted for - in Nasty, Demeaning Tones.

He replied:  "I voted for the Better Man."


ARM REST!!  YOU DISGUST ME!!........"  Etc.

She caused such a Ruckus that Airline Management EVICTED her

from the Plane, but had to Physically pick her up and carry her off

because she refused to leave, claiming that the Funeral she was

planning to attend, overrode their Eviction Orders!!

IE, She was more important than their Silly Rules!!  

The Passengers applauded her Removal. 

Just another Nasty Lunatic!!  





Unbelievably STUPID and NASTY!!!!!!!!

Round the Bend and Outa Sight!!  TOTALLY, DUDE!!!!

Lives on the Fringes of Civilized Society. 

In favor of VIOLENCE against Trump Fans and Supporters!!

Was planning to CRASH the Deploraball (Inauguration Ball)

at the Hotel Ballroom, and Blind the Guests, Ruin their NICE

Clothing (Expensive Evening Gowns, etc), and create a STENCH

of Human Feces and/or Vomit!!

Something went wrong with his plans, and the Animal Moore

apparently didn't show up.  

In charge of - a Weird Super-Leftist Collection of

Weird Super-Leftist Lunatics.  

Hails from Flint Michigan where they had a Water Quality issue,

recently, that SICKENED many people with LEGIONAIRE'S

DISEASE, and KILLED about half a dozen Citizens!!

Many remain sick and injured, last I heard.