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Rhapsody in Blue   -   Gershwin



I Got Rhythm   -   Gershwin



Summertime   -   Gershwin   (3 second delay...)



You Are My Sunshine   -   Paul Rice, Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell, Bing Crosby, Gene Autrey



Take the A-Train   -   Duke Ellington Band



Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company "B"  -  The Andrews Sisters



In the Mood   -   Glenn Miller Band



Rum and Coca Cola   -   The Andrews Sisters



Buttons and Bows   -   Dinah Shore and others (from the movie The Paleface)



Music, Music, Music   -   Teresa Brewer



Mockin' Bird Hill   -   Les Paul and Mary Ford



Come on-a My House   -   Rosemary Clooney



Glow Worm   -   The Mills Brothers



Jambalaya   -   Jo Stafford



That's Amore   -   Dean Martin



Shake, Rattle and Roll   -   Bill Haley and His Comets



Young at Heart   -   Frank Sinatra



Sh-Boom   -   The Crewcuts



Rock Around the Clock   -   Bill Haley and His Comets



Sock Hop   -   Jerry Lee Lewis  (Awesome!!!!!!!!)



Moments to Remember   -   The Four Lads


V1  V2  V3   V4   V5   V6   V7   V8    1955/1945  (8 Versions) -

Autumn Leaves  -   Roger Williams and others  (Easy listening and Jazz versions)



Standing on the Corner   -   The Four Lads



The Wayward Wind   -   Gogi Grant



Love Letters in the Sand   -   Pat Boone



The Green Door   -   Jim Lowe



At The Hop   -   Danny and the Juniors



Goody Goody   -   Frankie Lyman



Little Darlin'  -  The Diamonds



Volare  (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blue)   -   Dean Martin, Domenico Modugno



The Battle of New Orleans   -   Johnny Horton



El Paso   -   Marty Robbins



Georgia on my Mind   -   Willie Nelson, others



Crazy   -   Patsy Cline



Take Five   -   The Dave Brubeck Quartet



Town Without Pity   -   Gene Pitney



Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka



Surfin' USA   -   The Beach Boys



The House of the Rising Sun   -   The Animals



Bread and Butter  -   The Newbeats



Fun, Fun, Fun   -   The Beach Boys



Good Vibrations   -   The Beach Boys



Lady Madonna   -   The Beatles




And a few more......:


   Tumbling Tumbleweeds   -   MIDI  (No Voices)       

   Tumbling Tumbleweeds   -   MP3  (Voices)    


                                              (Western/Cowboy Music)

                                              Written and made famous by "The Sons of the Pioneers".

                                              Possibly the greatest Western Song ever written!!

                                              Be sure to buy their Albums and get this and other great Songs!!  


                                             "See them tumbling down.  Pledging their love to the ground!

                                              Lonely, but free, I'll be found. Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.....

                                              Deep in my heart is a song. Here on the range I belong....." 


                                             Not Shakespeare, but Happy, Content, Grateful, Blessed, and Free. 

                                             The Sons of the Pioneers came to our Town in Idaho and performed when

                                             I was a Kid.  Across the street from our House!!

                                             This song stuck with me like glue.

                                             It resembles a SOLEMN HYMN. 

                                             It's like a Hymn or an Ode to NATURE, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, and


                                             Not just some "Cowboy Song". 

                                             The lyrics certainly aren't "Deep" or complicated - and they don't need to be.

                                             That might have hurt it - twisted it in some unnecessary way.    

                                             But the music has a DEEP LONGING that's Fundamental and

                                             almost Religious.

                                             Its sound is Memorable and HAUNTING.

                                             And it contains a unique and refreshing DIRECT CLARITY

                         and CLEAR VISION. 

                                             It produces the feeling of ETERNAL TRUTH.

                                             And PERFECTION.  

                                             And PURITY.  

                                             And HUMILITY.  

                                             And a SUNSET. 

                                             And being shown some kind of INEVITABILITY and FACTUALNESS.

                                             It feels like a wide, warm, gentle, Pure Ambience of invisible Light or Truth from

                                             Heaven, soaking into me.

                                             The Scales have fallen from our Eyes, and we SEE and UNDERSTAND!!    


                                             **  A Hymn with Deep Longing,  Eternal Truth,  Direct Clarity,  Clear Vision, 

                                                  Purity, Sunset,  Inevitability,  Factualness,  Perfection,  Pure Ambience, 

                                                  Humility, and a Sense of a Supernatural Presence or a Supernatural


                                                  It's like an unexpected Gift from Heaven.


                                             What inspired this Unique Song?? 

                                             This WESTERN SOLEMN HYMN OF PURE DIRECT CLARITY??  

                                             This Ode to Truth and the West, Nature, Beauty, Freedom, and Independence??

                                             This somewhat SAD and HUMBLE realization that this Cowboy is just a Little   

                                             Creature on the Great Vista of the Western Plain stretching before him, observing

                                             the Work of someone FAR GREATER than himself??  

                                             Pretty Amazing for a Western/Cowboy Song!!! 

                                             Pure and Wonderful Western Americana!! 

                                             There's nothing else like it that I know of.


                                             (And by the way, I say this as a Mozart Nut!! 

                                             I think Mozart would have been impressed!!  He used Music to Express his

                                             FEELINGS, and the Ambience of a Scene (and to bring Characters to Life in his

                                             Mature Operas like Don Giovanni) - not just to write "Pretty Music". 

                                            This Music Expertly expresses Feelings and Depicts a Scene. 

                                             I think Mozart would be Impressed and Humbled!!

                                             He was a Deep Thinker and a Good, Kind Man, always helping Friends in Need -

                                             an Austrian with an American outlook, who was thinking of moving to Britain or

                                             America - not the Adolescent Jerk with the High-Pitched Giggle depicted in the

                                             Movie Amadeus, with Mozart's Character partly Written or Directed by some

                                             West-smashing Communist !!

                                             The Good, Kind, Deep-Thinking, Loving, Caring, Joyful, Brilliant Mozart would

                                             have sat up and paid attention to THIS Music!!!  And LIKED it!!!) 



Home on the Range 



She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes   



Shine On Harvest Moon    



Sousa March     






Blues in F       





TV Song -- Disney - "Mickey Mouse Club" Theme



TV Song -- When You Wish Upon A Star   (Theme from "Walt Disney Presents")  



Movie Song -- Zipadee-doo-dah   (From the Disney Movie "Song of the South")



Movie Song -- Moon Glow   (From the Movie "Picnic")